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Description :

- Waterproof make-up, formulated on vegetal waxes which protects the skin from dry and cold climates, pollution and rays of the sun
Good spreadability and gives smooth feel on the skin
Oil Free formula, giving matte finish
- Covering make-up with an excellent pigment dispersion on the skin
- Enriched formula with shea butter which represents excellent natural UV filters
- Stick foundation is covering and efficient for stage or camouflage make-up


Sillicone based foundation
Colour A [AIR1A, AIR2A, AIR3A]
Pink tone, for pale skin and european skin tones.

Colour [AIR1Y, AIR2Y, AIR3Y, AIR4Y, AIR5Y]
Yellow tone with more yellow pigment, suitable for asian skin tones.

Yellow tone with less yellow pigment, can reduce redness.

Colour TS [AIRTS1, AIRTS2]
Brown tone, suitable for dark skin tones.

Application :
Apply after using a moisturising base with a wet sponge

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Stick Foundation

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