• Flesh coloured wax
  • 40g container



  • Utra natural skin effect, similar to silicone.
  • Easy to model and quick realization for small special effect : Puffy effects, scars, cuts, injuries



  • To avoid the wax to slip on the skin apply first a little bit of spirit gum (COLP10), then apply a little bit of cotton
  • Let dry for few seconds, take off the excess of cotton, leaving only a few fibers on the skin
  • Take a little quantity of wax, heat it in your finger
  • Apply the wax modelling with fingers quickly to avoid the wax melt
  • Use the spatula to finish the modelling
  • Apply a little bit of vaselina to smooth the surface
  • To create a cut or an injury effect : Apply a blood red greasepaint (MG09) with a stipple  sponge, then colour with a stick foundation
  • Model with a metallic spatula the cut or injury
  • Fill the bottom of the cut with artificial blood in gel (SGCOA)
  • For a running blood effect, use a few drops of artificial liquid blood (SGF) 

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Skin Wax

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